Visitors are welcome!

Would you like to take a look behind the scenes at the new production plant we moved into in 2018? We offer groups a guided tour of our company, followed by snacks and refreshments. We show visitors how our products are made, from construction and assembly, all the way to final installation. You can also learn about the history of our company and get a detailed introduction to our entire range of products.

We look forward to your visit!

Here is a little foretaste:


The collective term “machining” covers all manufacturing processes in which raw material is shaped by mechanical removal of material (chips). The machining processes include turning, drilling, milling, and grinding. Our employees operate highly complex machines that work with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimeter. We have four machining centers and three CNC lathes.


This is where all parts for all our products are premanufactured in two-shift operation. Compliance with high quality standards forms the basis for robust and reliable processed products. Most of the required welded parts are manufactured by hand. High-volume components are produced using a welding robot.

Surface Coating

All materials are first shot peened or washed to make them scale- and grease-free and roughen the surface.
They are then primed in the powder booth with powder, and cross-linked at 180°C. Only then is the powder coating applied in the required color and also baked at 180°.

Grapeliner Assembly

The production cycle for grape harvesters starts when the frames are delivered. Step by step, the other components such as the drive motor, the wheel motors, the electrical wiring and the hydraulic system are installed in the base frames. The cabs are manufactured here at ERO and mounted on the frame as a single unit. A total of 70 ERO Grapeliners will be manufactured for the 2021 season.

Assembly of Accessory Devices

Flexibility is needed here: In the summer of the previous year, production figures are planned and the required raw materials ordered. The individual parts are manufactured in the production hall and finished in the powder coating plant. After receiving each customer order, the machine is produced from the prefabricated assemblies according to exact customer requirements.

Logistics and Shipping

This department has a central role in the company: Here the incoming goods are received and inspected.
In addition, this department is responsible for picking all materials required for production. Spare parts sales and shipping are also managed here.

Electrical Department

Here the electrical installations and cable harness assemblies of the products are carried out. This extends from planning the harnesses for the accessory devices and grape harvesters all the way to joystick assembly and installation of electrical equipment in the Grapeliners. In addition, this department handles the maintenance and repair of all electrical equipment in the company.

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