ERO Grapeharvester Grapeliner Series 7000


Construction of a new factory is supported by grants from the European Union’s Regional Development Fund and by the State of Rhineland-Palatinate.

NEW: VITIassist

The camera-based VITIassist opening system as an option for the Binger Pre-pruner VSL 07 P offers a higher working speed thanks to its reliable and immediate response and enables use directly after harvesting.                                                                                                                                                

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NEW: VITIpulse Combi one-sided front-mounted

In addition to the previous range of double-sided machines, the VITIpulse Combi one-sided offers a more compact version and is also equipped with a 180° Hydraulic turnover device.

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NEW: VITIpulse Duo

As a pure compressed air defoliator, the VITIpulse Duo ensures a better working result and a faster working speed thanks to the combination of two pulsed-air blowers in one working head.

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ERO aquires Ferrand SAS

After two years of successful partnership for international distribution, ERO GmbH acquired the French company in October 2023.

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Partner in the Life Atena project