With the VITIpulse, Leaf Stripper Professional and the BINGER EB 490 Professional defoliator, ERO offers the right defoliator for every application.

The ERO VITIpulse removes leaves using bursts of compressed air, allowing the outer leaves as well as those in the foliage wall to be reached. The flower clusters are also removed from the caps while ensuring good air circulation in the grape zone. Using the VITIpulse shortly after bloom makes vineyard yield reduction possible. The remaining berries lie more loosely which has a positive effect on the quality of the grape harvest.

The ERO Leaf Stripper Professional and BINGER EB 490 Professional defoliators suck the leaves and then pluck them off on two rotating rollers. The grapes remain unharmed. The defoliators can be operated at a higher speed compared to compressed air systems.

Model range overview