BINGER Pre-Pruner VSL 07 P XHD

We cooperate closely with our customers in Europe and overseas in order to meet the requirements of their markets. For example, the BINGER VSL 07 P XHD pre-pruner was developed with our Australian distributor FMR in order to fulfill the unique demands of Australian wine producers. Our highly durable construction ensures pre-pruning of high-vigor vines in large vineyards can be performed quickly and consistently.

The VSL 07 P XHD can be customized to your specific needs and has numerous functions that makes pre-pruning faster and easier.

The VSL 07 P XHD pre-pruner can perform spur pruning, complete box pruning or rough pruning of minimally pruned vines in a single pass.

How you benefit

  • Extremely rugged XHD lift mast for lateral offset mounting

  • Optimized lateral offset with pendulum suspensions for good visibility and high vine rows

  • Robust pendulum suspension for holding the pre-pruner with up to 2x16 blades (frame 3). The pendulum suspension allows the pre-pruner head to move freely and optimally follow the vine row contours.

    • Equipped with breakback protection and hydraulic retraction to the working position.

High travel speeds possible

Extremely rugged XHD lift mast for lateral offset mounting

AOS 2.0 BINGER Pre-Pruner

NEW! AOS 2.0

Opening system with mechanical post detection

  • Manual adjustment of the opening and closing times
  • Can be used for all types of posts
  • Excellent driving comfort reduces driver strain
  • High travel speed for high surface performance
  • Can also be used on high-vigor grapevines