Get routine cleaning and maintenance done quickly.

Cleaning and maintenance is required every day. All covers including the access ladder can be opened without tools to facilitate regular maintenance and cleaning.

Whether you are in the vineyard or equipment yard—the engine, conveyor belt and destemmer can be quickly and easily accessed.

The sealed off top platform protects the engine compartment from ingress of water and  dirt/debris. Corners and edges where dirt easily accumulates were avoided.

Electric-powered raising and lowering of the lower suction blower allows easy access and thorough cleaning.

Easy to clean well: The brushes and basket of the destemmer unit are easy to detach and the sorting table
can be extended all the way out.

The destemmer stays clean with the conveyor belt closed (photo).

The lightweight row wiper can be easily removed and reinstalled for cleaning and maintenance.

All the engine parts requiring servicing can be accessed from one side.

The roller guide under the conveyor belt reduces
belt friction and wear. It can be easily pulled out for cleaning.

The time spent for daily cleaning can be substantially reduced thanks to the harvesting system position on one side of the harvester.