EB 490 Professional XHD one-sided VITIcontour

BINGER Leaf Remover EB 490 Professional XHD one-sided VITIcontour

Standard equipment

  • Proportionally operating VITIcontour hydraulic foliage wall sensing: Foliage sensing via front plate with guide skids

  • Total setting range of 650 mm (500 mm hydraulic lateral offset + 150 mm VITIcontour)

  • Tilting with adjustable plastic slideway lining elements, slide with rugged and maintenance-free roller guide


  • 180° swivel device with hydraulic lateral offset

  • 300 mm expansion tube for 180° swivel device Recommended for row widths over 2.10 m

  • XHD lift mast – 600 mm stroke, hydraulic tilting +/- 27°

  • XHD dismount frame with dismount trunnion - Suitable for transport by pallet truck or forklift truck

  • Comfort control or reversing valves

  • Pre-pruner for partial pruning of lateral shoots – for best defoliation results

The VITIcontour model cannot be equipped with EB 350 Professional defoliator heads (defoliating height 350 mm).


The best hydraulic foliage wall sensing
available for all XHD models

  • Uniform contact pressure, even on a hillside.

  • Outstanding defoliation results

  • Fruit remains unharmed

  • Reduced driver strain

  • Strong XHD lift frame